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interviewing.io is on a mission to fix hiring.

We’re already the go-to place for software engineers to prepare for interviews, and we’re on our way to becoming their go-to place for jobs as well. A new engineer signs up for interviewing.io every 8 minutes, and we’ve helped thousands of people land their dream jobs. 40% of those people have been from non-traditional backgrounds and have historically been passed over because of how they looked on paper—many were rejected by literally the same company when they previously applied with a resume!

Aline (our founder) first got the idea for interviewing.io after analyzing hundreds of resumes and discovering that where someone went to school didn’t matter at all, whereas things like typos and grammatical errors did. To make sure she wasn’t crazy, she showed a bunch of anonymized resumes to recruiters and hiring managers, and it turned out that no one could agree on what a good candidate looked like. This seemed absurd, so she decided to fix it.

When you look past the resume and focus on what someone can actually do, something magical starts to happen—all of a sudden, there’s no tradeoff between an efficient hiring process and an inclusive, unbiased one. We’ve built a company around the idea that efficiency, merit, and fairness go hand in hand. Come join us.

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